About Us

It was 1900. Mr. W.A. Bulluck left the farm and founded a retail furniture store in the small Southern town of Rocky Mount, in North Carolina. (The store included an undertaking and embalming parlor, as was often the custom for furniture stores in the south) The business prospered and was eventually taken over during the depression by his son-in-law, Hatcher Kincheloe.


In 1962 W. A. Bulluck's grandson, Bill Kincheloe, came home from college and soon took over management of the store. There was a special department for lamps and lampshades which held a fascination for him and he developed the process of making customized lamps at the request of some of the customers.


By 1969 a small line of quality handcrafted lamps had been created, using in house produced and finished wood parts and some components bought from importers. A furniture rep commented one day that he could SELL these lamps to other stores. He was given the line, it was photographed, and Wildwood was born.


In the 1980's, Wildwood expanded to include a vast selection of decorative accessories, floor and wall screens and wall decor, mirrors and a number of eclectic pieces of occasional furniture.


The early 90's found Wildwood with a selection so large that it was deemed advisable to divide it into style categories. There were Coastal, Casual, Southwest and other sub categories identified and promoted. New catalogs reflected these changes and the business continued to grow. Chandeliers became an important part of the offering; featured were Italian masterpieces in iron, bronze, crystal, antique gold, and others with art finishes on iron and wood.


Then, with the dawn of the new century in sight … 2000 … the Millennium... Wildwood began to recognize that buyer habits and preferences were rapidly changing. The new casual approach to interior decor was firmly entrenched, and there was a generation that wanted to spend less on interiors. Hence Marketplace was born. A lamp line unto itself, with a wide selection that included traditional, transitional, and even contemporary, Marketplace quickly filled a niche in the marketplace and another Wildwood star was created.


In 2011, Wildwood welcomed Frederick Cooper and Chelsea House, Inc to the family. Both Frederick Cooper and Chelsea House, Inc brought over their most beloved classics and have continued to introduce wonderful new introductions at each High Point Market.


The spacious showroom in High Point (now in its 4th expansion) offers display of both chandelier collections as well as 1000 lamp styles and almost 3000 decorative accessories. The WILDWOOD showroom is a must see destination for the discriminating as well as for the store or designer that deals with today's value conscious customer who seeks the look, quality, price, and availability.


Wildwood continues to be an industry leader in lighting and home decor. As we look forward to the future, we hope to be there beside you wherever your projects take you…